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SuperLaw DVD


Community Legal Educational Tool

The DVD was developed  as a result of the Community Legal Education Officers desire to have a culturally sensitive and appropriate visual and audio aid to assist them in their deliveries of education about domestic & family violence.

The DVD was developed in close consultation with senior members of the Central Australia Aboriginal Community to ensure that the end product would be received by the Aboriginal community as a locally relevant educational tool, incorporating local Aboriginal and colloquial English language, which not only educated people about mainstream Australian law but also respected and acknowledged Aboriginal law and empowered people to make their own choices about their actions. 

The DVD was developed in conjunction with a workbook which explores the themes introduced in the DVD in greater detail.

  • Introduction to mainstream Australian Law and how it can work in helpful co-existence with Aboriginal culture.

  • Restraining Orders – Brief intro as to what domestic violence is, how restraining orders work, how to obtain one, how to change one and how CAAFLU can help with all of it.

  • Looking after Children – Brief into as to how and why Family Intervention services exist and how CAAFLU can assist if family intervention services (in the NT – Family & Children’s Services in NSW – DOCS) become involved with a family as a result of family violence.

  • Sexual Assault – Brief intro into what it is and how CAAFLU can assist someone who has been the victim of sexual assault

  • Crimes Compensation – Brief intro into what it is, why it is awarded and how CAAFLU can assist someone to apply for it and

  • Conclusion – Main key stakeholders and other service providers.

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