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Domestic violence is everybody’s business


CAAFLU provides culturally appropriate legal and support services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have experienced or are experiencing domestic and family violence or sexual assault.

We provide:

  • legal advice and representation;
  • advocacy;
  • information;
  • referrals; and
  • client support.

CAAFLU’s Legal Services:

1. Family violence

  • Advice and assistance with domestic violence order (DVO) applications including variations and extensions
  • Assist victims in talking with police and understanding the court process
  • Assist victims in monitoring offender’s criminal proceedings
  • Victims register applications

2. Victims of Crime Compensation

  • Applications including increase and review applications

3. Child Protection

  • Advice to parents and family about their rights in relation to children
  • Care plan meetings
  • Negotiate with Child Protection in relation to contact
  • Family placement, kinship carers and reunification

4. Family law /Parenting Matters

  • Representation and advice on parents and family rights in relation to children
  • Court applications
  • Representation at mediation

CAAFLU’s Support Services:

1. General Client Support

  • Client referrals to and support in accessing other services including medical, counselling, accommodation, financial and other relevant services
  • Crisis intervention including liaison with police, medical, accommodation and financial services
  • Safety planning
  • Arrange and prioritize the use of interpreters
  • Cultural advising
  • Housing support though assisting with priority housing applications, support letters and gathering supporting documentation
  • Providing information to other local services about legal issues related to family violence and sexual assault

2. Community Legal Education

CAAFLU develops and delivers community legal education to government agencies, non-government organisations, schools and other community stakeholders. Please visit our events page to find out about our upcoming community legal education events.

3. Policy and Law Reform

CAAFLU contributes to relevant policy and law reform initiatives on both a state and federal level.

4. Organising and Engaging in Events both locally and nationally to raise awareness about family violence and to promote change in our community